Thursday, December 15, 2011

What not to do when you're trying to become a mod. #1

The Conversation

^_^ Hey, I might be a mod someday.. I keep getting recommended
:3 Recommended by who?
^_^ Other mods
:P id support ya :)
^_^ you should recommend me too
:3 ...
^_^ haha. thx (:P)
^_^ I need all the support i can get to get this ship sailing
:3 Did you intend to ruin all the credibility of that statement?
:3 Because, that's what you did.
^_^ not at all, i don't mean recommend me now but you'll see why they all like me eventually
:3 Okay, you're serious.
Time passes, and someone asks "How do you deal with trolls?"
:3 I don't believe in trolls. All claims I've been exposed to of "trolls" have merely been bored kids.
:3 Bored kids are bored kids. Not trolls.
^_^ how do you handle bored kids, does just sitting there ontop of the chat throne enough?
^_^ waving your septre of silencing and banishment
^_^ dealing with common peasant squabbles..
:3 To answer the question, it depends on the bored kid in question. There is no one right thing to do, and sometimes, there is nothing you can do.
^_^ I know this mouse, its what makes me a natural leader and a rather promising candidate for mod position
:3 You're still playing that card.
:P auta TACT is what you still need with mouse lol
:3 He's right.
:3 You are devoid of TACT. And it displeases me.
^_^ Tact is something a mod needs. I am not a mod YET.
^_^ but it is something I have
:3 Also, that satement was devoid of logic.
:3 If you had Tact, you'd be a mod :o
:3 According to you.
^_^ i think i lost this one..
:3 You lost me?
^_^ oh no not you uhh something else
:3 Right
*Many moments later*
^_^ anyway, on the topic of my lacking tact. Do i need to actively display it to prove i have it? does a man out of uniform act like he has it on?
 I dropped the conversation after this

My Judgement 

Clearly, someone wants to be a mod, and thinks they are a promising candidate for the position.

My judgement? No. Not at all.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

#6 - Wait... Who's the asshole? What makes them an asshole?

 The Conversation

;D I don't understand how we can make it to the moon, build machines that can fly, communicate across miles of land without being next to each other and yet we can't find a common understanding.
=P Because humans suck that badly.
:3 Because all it takes is one asshole to ruin something good that is provided for everyone.
;D Indeed.
:| Have you ever considered that you're an "asshole" in their eyes for ruining, what to them, might be something good and fun?
:3 Maybe. I'll let everyone else decide.
=P Decide what?
:3 If I am an asshole
=P About what?
:3 I don't even know...
:3 About what (:|)?
;D Well, if it helps, you're a whole lot better than my neighbors. <3
:| It wasn't a specific statement geared at anyone.
=P I like the part where you ignored the fact that i considered you might be one
:| It was more a "You [as a collective group] assume people are assholes and trolls because they enjoy something you think isn't fun."
;D Who need to turn their music down. >.>
:3 I'll provide an example. Driving and traffic.
=P Well, i guess (:|) has a point
=P being an "asshole" is all about perspective.
:3 I'm arguing for community resources.
=P Luckly, i only care about MY perspective.
=P So i'll stay out of this discussion =p
:| I wasn't really paying attention to chat. Just making a point.
:3 Got it

My Judgement

I was initially under the impression that the first statement :| made, was directed towards me. My responses to that statement were also meant to be general statements, referring to hypothetical situations, and not the current moment. I didn't communicate that at all. Maybe it's because I thought it was being implied that I am an asshole for calling other assholes, assholes. Which, okay...

I was trying to talk about assholes who decide they want to ruin something useful for everyone else, just because anyone has access to that certain service or resource. Which is why I was trying to bring up driving and traffic (I'm aware it's a really poor example, I just associate assholes with driving). Since there was barely an argument, I didn't bother to think of a better example.

Once :| stated that they weren't paying attention to chat, and was just making a point, I just thought to myself "What a funny way to make that point, especially when you haven't been paying attention."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

#5 - I don't care about you, your birthday, or that you got banned for being 10.

 The conversation (All private message)

D`: hello im fnarsbuddy  
:3 Oh hai
D`: who perma banned me  
:3 Mods can't perma-ban users. You had to be perma-banned by an admin
D`: why did u report to a admin  
:3 I didn't do anything. You're quick to assume things, aren't you?
D`: then someone reported me to a admin  
:3 Could have been anyone. Maybe you shouldn't have done things to get yourself banned in the first place.
D`: i didnt do thing i asked for it  
:3 Then.... I'm confused.
:3 Why are you telling me these things.
D`: ur the mod who banned me  
:3 I am?
D`: yes   
D`: dont be stupid  
:3 I'm still standing by my original question. Why are you telling me this?
D`: ur the mod who banned me plz just tell me the trush im only 10 bro im crying cuz of u plz tell me  
:3 You probably got banned because you admitted to being underage. You know this site is bound by law, to remove any users under the age of 13. Right?
D`: dude tell me the truth my b=day was yesterday plz bro it unfair im crying  
:3 I'm telling you as much truth as I can. You're not listening to me.
:3 If you want to keep your account here. Just don't post anything in chat. Especially the posts you're posting in it now. You're spamming, and that gets people silenced.
D`: im not posting anything  
(He was spamming a little, I just omitted it, because it's spam)
D`: y r u mean?  
:3 but either way. I have to tell you. I really don't care about you, or your sob story of being banned. It's your fault you lied about your age to make an account here.
:3 I'm not being mean. I'm being honest. You said to tell you the truth. So I am.
(Okay, now I'm being mean :P)
:3 Can you not tell the difference?
:3 Of course you can't. You're 10 years old.
D`: im 11 my b-day was yesterday i forgot   
:3 I don't care/.
:3 Users under 13 aren't allowed, by law, to be here.
:3 You agree'd to this when you made your account.
D`: noboy read the terms and conditions  
:3 Plenty of people do.
:3 Just because you didn't, doesn't mean you can say things like that just to justify the fact that you didn't. It doesn't matter.
:3 Now, I suggest you stop messaging me. I'm just a mean dude who doesn't care about you, your birthday, or the fact that you got banned. :3
:3 Maybe you should read the terms and conditions. It'll help.
:3 You agreed you read them anyway, when you clicked that box when making the account.
D`: stop messaging me i promise ill og out i swear i will never log in again or make a different account   
:3 I'm trying to help you.
D`: im sorry i ever made a account im sooo sory  
:3 I don't care.
D`: im gonne log out im sorry  
:3 Still don't care.
Kong Bot: (D`:) cannot be reached. Please try again later.

My Judgement

Just another kid who shouldn't be on this site in the first place. I can only hope he really doesn't come back for a while. It's clear he is not mature enough to participate on this site. Maybe he can stay and just play games. I don't care. So long as I don't have to deal with another kid in the chat-room who has zero common sense or etiquette.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

#4 - This chick wants all the dicks, and she's gonna use her dying 100 year old brother to get them!

 The conversation

 Private messages
:'(  wanna go out with me im your age??  
:3  It says your age is 18, my age is 21. That's not my age. That's 3 years younger.
:'(  my bro typed that  
:3  Oh wait, it says 15, that's even worse.
:3  Why is your bro typing on your profile? You even know about this and don't do anything about it?
:'(  listen muy brother typed that im actually 21  
:3  I'm listening to you, but you aren't listening to me.
:'(  my bos 100 years old  
:3  That makes no sense.
:3  unless you mean 10
:3  In which case, you should really read what you post before you post it.
:'(  i dont anything about it cuz ....  
:3  Go on.
:3  And?
:'(  well hes close to dying .( cries )  
:'(  u dont know what im going through  
:3  I don't. And I also don't care.
:'(  u dont care that my brothers dying  
Public posts
:'(  (:3) said, "I don't. And I also don't care."
:'(  that my bro is dying
:D Look vannessa
:D You've been trying to get in my pants
Private message
:3  Mostly because I don't know who you are, you're telling me these things as if I do, and now you're posting this private conversation in public.
Public posts
:3 Me neither.
:'(  I said, "u dont care that my brothers dying?"
:'(  (:3) said, "no i dont"
:D she's been "hitting" on me as well :/  
After I thought the conversation was over
:'(  "Do u wanna go out with me" said by (:3)
:3 Oh look, now she's making things up. No wonder that one kid hates her so much and is constantly annoying the rest of chat about it.

My Judgement
I knew this would be good right from the start!

There's this other user who is constantly complaining about how much he hates this girl, despite how annoying he always is about it, it was a good indicator that this one would be a real winner. 

That same user's main complaint was that she was a lying bitch who lied about her age; I really enjoyed how obvious that was.

I had to do a little bit of editing for added clarity. Mostly just added some quotation marks, because she doesn't know how to use those apparently. Trust me, I didn't change anything that would tamper with the original hilarity of this conversation.

The rest of public chat had a lot of fun tearing this girl a new one. I left most of that out because it would have made the post way too long. As soon as she posted my PM responses in public, it was all over for her.

I also decided to make her text purple, because she is neither an attacker or defender. Just, sad.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

#3 - It's cool! They're on my side!

 The Conversation

O.o hey baby you need a big dick to play with?
:3 Hey (O.o). Who are you and why was that the first thing I've seen you post?
O.o cause your black
:3 You're on a roll... :|
O.o you mods are the most undercover, spying, underround infiltrating mother****ers on this site
:3 We are?
:3 What makes you think this
O.o obvious signs :D
:3 I'm rather obvious.
:P Man... Having that big orange M and always being at the top of the chat list is really undercover...
:3 That’s what I'm saying...
O.o yea auto block sure..........
:3 You also say "You mods" as if there's more than one here right now
:| They probably got banned after swearing and now is raging at mods with troll account.
:3 Maybe
:3 but you wouldn't get banned for that
O.o no actually ive talked to a very superior mod and you wouldnt beleive the shit ive heard
:x ... 'superior?'
O.o yes
:3 I'm still wondering where this is going...
:3 You say a lot of things, but have no real elaboration.
O.o that is what im saying
:3 I don't like that.
O.o went from nice to multiplying words
:| before you talk about your point of mods being dumb
:| say why you came here to start saying that
:3 It leaves me with unresolved thoughts that I have to eventually disregard until the next time it's brought up.
O.o ^
:P Multiplying... Words?
:3 ?
O.o yes
Private conversation
O.o its cool im on your side   
:3 "Side" There's sides now?
:3 Users keep saying that, and I keep getting confused as to these "sides"
O.o look how crazy people get for me speaking my mind, like getting pushed down for saying one thing, and if because of a mod? sheesh   
:3 This is nothing new.
O.o my point exactley, you gotta be an infiltracious mother****er to deal with these people and break inside of their minds to keep them happy   
:3 You also seem to think it's because I'm a mod. I like to think that has little to do with it, especially in this room.
:3 I don't do anything except be myself, bro.
O.o kinda does, and i quote, "you think that about the mods" O.o just syain is bullshit is all, you need a break?   
:3 What?
:3 You started making sense to me, but now you're losing me.
O.o how about i take this crazy room off your hands and you nominate me   
:3 I must ask a previous question again. Where is this going?
O.o right out the door thats where it went   
O.o well see you later   
Back to public chat
:3 I am so confused....

My Judgement

This user really confused the shit out of me. It was clear they wanted to make a strong impact, based on his first posts in chat. They also were using a week old, level 2 account.

The private messages are what really confused me. The user really had a point they were trying to get across to me, but I still don't know exactly what that point was; their opinion that mods are "infiltracious" was the only thing I really got out this conversation with the user. When the user mentioned wanting to be nominated, that's when I got completely lost.

I'm still confused as shit, and I probably will remain that way until I see this user again.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

#2 - I love picking fights in PM's

 The conversation (All private messages unless otherwise stated)

:(  just get the **** out of here and get a real mod   
:3  U MAD?
:(  up yours   
:3  Yep. U MAD!
:( suck some dick   
:3 Y U MAD?
:( what the **** is wrong with you   
:3 Nothing as far as I know, I went to the doctor the other day, and she said everything was fine.
:( yes im mad! dickhead   
:3 I know that already, I'm curious as to why?
:( shithead   
:3 That's the best you've got?
:3 Pity.
:(  im reporting you   
:3 That supposed to be threatening?
:(  no but your trying to start a fight with me   
:3 I don't fight people. I think you're confused.
:(  i just reported you   
:3 What did you say in the report?
In public chat
:(  i just reported a mod!!!
:3 Look how proud he is!
Back to Private chat
:(  you tried to start a fight with me over privet message   
:3  Again, I don't fight people. I believe you are confused.
:3  Also, what is a "privet"?
:(  private   
:(  and you called me pity   
:3 Oh, since you are reporting me anyway. You don't mind if I take this private conversation for my own uses, do you?
:(  SUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
:3 I was merely using "pity" to describe how disappointed I am in your ability to create insults.
:(  bludy the moon   
:(  just shut the **** up   
:3 What?
:3 So, you don't mind if I use this conversation then?
:( u heard me   
:( go ahead shithead   
:3 Okay. Thank you.
:(  ****head   
In public chat
:(  i think i got mouse mad!
:3  Yes. I am so mad! :3
Back to private chat
:3  I am further disappointed with your lack of creative insults.
:(  i said shut up   

My judgement

I got called into a room because of this kid. It seems he wanted to cause a ruckus and get banned, he directly asked for it a couple times, and the other users of the room wanted that, but I refused to do anything about it. He would call me a shithead, tell me to suck a dick, etc... When it was clear that wasn't going to get him the reaction he wanted, he deiced to resort to PMing me. That's when the fun starts.

It's clear his goal was to get under my skin, especially when he breaks away from PM to post in public about how mad he's making me mad. After that point, he stopped PMing me, and stopped having anything to say to anyone at all really. He threw around some insults, but no one cared.

Really, all I have to say about this is. TROLOL. If I ask to use our private conversation, don't let me. :3

Saturday, June 25, 2011

#1 - You're bothered by someone asking about acne cream?

The conversation
>_>  soooo does any body now what the best acne cream is
D:  ew gtfo
:I  Just keep trying different products?
D:  Why can't you silence (>_>), that is disgusting
>_>  :( i didnt do anything
:I All she did was ask about Acne cream.
D:  so to me that is sick
:I  Wow.
:3  It's a perfectly reasonable question.
D:  should we really know if you have acne?
:3  How could you POSSIBLY have any issue with that?
:3  Seriously.
>_>  im srry :(
:3  You shouldn't be.
:3  No.
:I  Most of the users here are teens. I think it's safe to assume about 80% of the people here have acne. For you to judge someone for that. Sad.
:3  I'm waiting for a response from (>_>).
:3  Cause, like (:I) said.
:3  That's just sad that you would think something like that.
D:  to me it is sick that people should know if you have acne

My Judgement

All the user asked was if anyone knew a good acne cream, and this disgusted the other user quite a bit. The other user apparently holds the opinion that someone stating they have acne is "sick", even though this was never actually directly stated.

People have acne, it's something that is clearly visible when you look at a person. Do you think acne in general is sick? Or just when people state that they have it? Either way. Shame on you.